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Is your current entrance matting system not working.

  • Do your floors get wet?
  • Do you use throw down mats?
  • Are your carpets and floors wearing prematurely?
  • Had any slip or trip accidents in the workplace?

Matting Zones

We have the solution

If you really want to keep your building clean and safe, it’s not enough to throw down a mat at the door. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive advises against the use of loose lay mats which they state "can introduce a range of hazards and are not always very effective".

We can provide a bespoke solution taking into account budget, footfall, location and the type of footwear used in your building.

We offer various grades of barrier matting which can be separated into three main application areas within a building.

Application 1 - Primary Outside Barrier Matting
  • This removes heavy grit and soiling
  • Keeps dirt outside, stopping it from entering to building
  • Increases the effectiveness of internal entrance matting
  • Ideal for areas with heavy footfall
Primary Barrier Matting
Application 2 - Primary Inside Barrier Matting
  • Removes dirt, grit and moisture
  • Offers excellent dirt retention*
  • Available in a choice of open or closed construction
  • Available for varying types and volumes of footfall
Primary Barrier Matting

* If maintained in line with the manufacturers guidelines

Application 3 – Secondary Barrier Matting
  • Removes and retains dirt and moisture
  • Often used with application 2 entrance mats, maximising effectiveness
  • Offers excellent appearance retention*
  • Ideal for indoor areas with heavy traffic such as stairwells
  • Ideal for areas susceptible to spillages such as staff rooms
Secondary Barrier Mattin

* If maintained in line with the manufacturers guidelines

Taking a ‘Zoned’ Approach

When planning your entrance system it is useful to consider the entrance area in terms of zones. You can then select the different types of matting required to achieve an entrance flooring system that is fully integrated into your design scheme:

The zone concept:

External primary matting

Outside the building entrance, primary matting is the first line of defence against footborne soil, scraping the coarsest dirt from the soles of shoes before they cross the threshold.

Internal primary matting

Immediately beyond the external matting, internal primary matting is required to remove footborne moisture and finer particles of soil.

Internal secondary matting

Flooring leading away from the entrance area – in the reception, corridors etc. –must be specifically designed to withstand heavy traffic and intensive cleaning regimes. They will be prone to residual soiling and will inevitably require a high level of cleaning to maintain performance and appearance.

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