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Cleaning & Maintenance

To ensure that the matting continues to work to the original high level of efficiency it is important to carry out the following.

Daily Cleaning

Normal daily cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner – the higher wattage model, the more thorough the result. A dual motor vacuum is the most effective, one motor operates the beater bar, and the second operates the suction.

Periodic Maintenance

Best results can be achieved by the periodic use of a spray extraction carpet cleaning machine or where possible, by removal of the matting for pressure washing or steam cleaning.

The use of a mild detergent (neutral pH) cleaning solution in the carpet cleaning machine should loosen ingrained soiling and aid the removal of oils and grease. More stubborn stains should be treated with a solvent based spot remover prior to cleaning.

Chewing gum can be removed by freeze spraying or with a proprietary chewing gum remover and then scraped or combed out of the matting. This should be carried out prior to commencing the cleaning process.

We offer all our Commercial Entrance Matting and Contract Flooring customers a discount on their cleaning services with our in house contract cleaners Greens Commercial Cleaning Ltd.

Our experienced Cleaners are trained in maintaining our flooring and entrance matting to the highest standard.

By using the correct cleaning products, equipment and maintenance schedule, they will ensure flooring is maintained to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will not only extend the life of the flooring and save costs on replacing flooring prematurely, but also ensure any warranty criteria is met.

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